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Money Market Representative Interest Rates - (CF101)

Period: 03/23/1995 - 10/17/2019, Daily, Without units, Percentages

03/23/1995 - 10/17/2019


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Money Market Representative Interest Rates
- Annual percent
Target rate 1/
7.7500 7.7500 N/E
28 day TIIE 2/
7.9987 7.9975 7.9975
91 day TIIE 2/
7.9125 7.9200 7.9150
182 day TIIE 2/
N/E N/E 7.6460
- Bank funding rate 3/
Weigthed average 4/
7.7900 7.8100 N/E
Opening rate
7.8000 7.8000 N/E
Closing rate
7.7500 7.8000 N/E
Minimum rate
7.6900 7.7100 N/E
Maximum rate
7.9200 7.8800 N/E
- Mexibor Rate (Historic series) 5/
3 months Mexibor rate
1/ Interest rate target for overnight funding operations between banks.
2/ The Interbank Equilibrium Interest Rate (TIIE) is calculated by Banco de México using commercial bank quotes as stipulated in the Official Gazette of March 23rd 1995. For a complete description of its calculation procedure see the provisions issued by Banco de México in document 2019/95.
3/ Representative interest rate on one day repo and one day outright operations with certificates of deposit, bank notes and banker's acceptances, traded by banks and stockbrokerage firms in the wholesale market settled through the delivery versus payment system in INDEVAL (securities clearing house).
4/ For further information on the calculation of the weighted average see the following document.
5/ Interest rate determined every banking day by Reuters with quotes on offered inter-bank deposits given by domestic commercial banks. For more information consult the Internet web page of the Mexican Banking Association.